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They Practice Age Descrimination

Magic Ears (MagicEars) is an online platform that hires people to teach English to Chinese children. After qualifying with an initial application, one then must give an 8 minute interview lesson, followed by a 25 minute trial lesson with feedback. After initial qualification I did give their 8 minute interview demo.

After giving a virtually perfect 8 minute demo, this is the message I got back:

We appreciate your interest in working with Magic Ears and for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend your demo appointment.

Based on the feedback weve received, we will not be progressing with your application at this time. We appreciate you taking the time to apply for a teaching position with Magic Ears. Welcome to apply again in 3 months.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors!

Warm regards,

Bonny & the Magic Ears Team

I am a teacher with over 20 years experience!


Here was my initial response after applying:


Hello Mark,


I am Seth, your success manager in Magic Ears Beijing team to help you throughout your application process.


I would like to thank you for your interest in Magic Ears and I am delighted to inform you that your application has passed the preliminary check. On behalf of the Magic Ears recruitment team, I am pleased to invite you to an interview.


We aim to bring the global classroom experience to every child and provide the best online career opportunity for our teachers. After reviewing your basic information I believe that you can be a good fit for this position. So please schedule a 15-minute interview at your earliest availability here.


As you go on for the next step, Id like to share some preferential policies with you. First, we do not have a minimum hour requirement for you. Regarding the salary, you may get $20-26 per hour in the beginning. Second, you may get a secondary position as you perform well, which would entitle you to interview and train new teachers. Third, for peak hour slots you can have a high booking rate. Its really a great time for new teachers to start.


For the next step just book an interview as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to working with you. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know.


Sincerely yours,



Just look at all the encouragement I was given making me feel I was perfect for the job!




I responded:


Hi Seth, I've been hesitating because I need to set up a better location or at least get some kind of a suitable background and better lighting. I have attached what my present situation is, and it's not good. 

Mark McDowell 




They responded:


Hi Mark,


Yes, I think it will be great if you can make some adjustments to your background and lighting. But for now, the interview stage, it's totally okay. As long as you improve those things before your trial class, it would be fine.


Best regards,



You can see, more encouragement, even telling me not to worry about the lighting, and speaking of the "trial class" as being a given.


I responded:


Hi Seth, OK I scheduled a 10 min demo for the 19th at 9:30 pm. Please confirm.
Mark McDowell

So, I want ahead and made the appointment at their urging.


They responded:

Demo schedule confirmed. Good luck with your interview.

Best wishes,





Magic Ears then has you download their platform in which the lesson you are to give is presented along with a demo video. The lesson was to teach the letters M, N, m, n and the words Moon, and Nurse.


I practiced that demo video time and time again. I did the TPR (Total Physical Response) that they demand and practiced enthusiasm. I even practiced with other people, pointing to my mouth when I spoke and cupping my hand around my ear when I wanted to hear a response. I even wore a unicorn hat with the inflatable ears. I used a dolphin prop that I had "swim" past the camera in response to good answers. I used a ball to throw at the camera for the student (the interviewer) to pretend to catch after giving a correct answer, and  I used a spy glass to look though when something unusual came up in the lesson, like a puzzle -- where I would say "Wow, what's that?!"  I gave a near perfect lesson full of playfulness and enthusiasm. I might add that I even live in the same time zone as Beijing, so my loction was perfect for giving the lessons. 


The examiner gave me a little feedback, just saying I should get a headset with a microphone to lessen echo and adjust the light better to light up the things I showed better. I adjusted the lighting even before we parted, and she said that was an improvement.


Now get this, the examiner told me that the 25 minute trial lesson would be where they would show me how to better use the platform and be given further feedback. She ended by even saying, "Happy Teaching," as if I would be hired. I was made to feel that I would be hired for near certainty by both the initial person, Seth, I communicated with and by the interviewer.  



 There is only one reason I wasn't hired for this position - AGE. I am turning 70 this year.




I then applied to VIPKid and did their demo. Below are the results:

Dear Mark,

Congratulations! You completed your  Demo Lesson with outstanding results!

We are very excited to have you teaching on our platform

Things the teacher did well:

You covered all the slide objectives. You also used scaffolding very well.  You did well in having the learner repeat all the vocabulary in isolation.  You made sure you spoke clearly and slowly for the student to understand. You also simplified your language well.  You used visual cues to present new content and in giving instructions.  You did well with modelling how to complete a task and modeling the new language.

Result Type Comments about your performance and some helpful feedback
Lesson Objective Comments:All slide objectives were met and they were taught from easy to difficult. (start with vocabulary then continue with sentence)

Feedback:You covered all the slide objectives. You also used scaffolding very well.

Repetition Comments:Teacher asked the student to repeat ALL vocabulary in isolation, at least 2x.

Feedback:You did well in having the learner repeat all the vocabulary in isolation.

Speaking speed and language Comments:Speaking speed and simplification of language were appropriate for the level. Teacher limited filler language (e.g. Now let's learn about vocabulary).

Feedback:You made sure you spoke clearly and slowly for the student to understand. You also simplified your language well.

TPR Comments:Teacher used both instructional TPR and educational TPR.

Feedback:You used visual cues to present new content and in giving instructions.

Modeling Comments:eacher modelled both how to complete a task AND modelled the correct pronunciation of the words.

Feedback:You did well with modelling how to complete a task and modelling the new language.


If an existing VIPKid teacher referred you to us, it may be a good idea to reach out to them for tips to pass the Mock Class, as well.



Good luck!


Best regards,

VIPKid Education




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